Unify, build, and systemize your brand’s family.

We know how important it is to have a polished and professional brand. We know the power of beautiful visuals. We also know the headache that achieving those goals can be.

The Brand Visual Ecosystem styleguide is the foundation of everything that you do visually—now and in the future.

Preventing chaos across platforms takes an overall vision and strategy—the launchpad for adding to your brand and helping your team create systems and workflows, growing and supporting your business consistently and confidently across multiple platforms. You will refer to this document over and over again. You will read it to your kids at bedtime. You will put it in your pocket and grab it for all those snap decisions that you need to make. It’s your unique collection of reusable components—guided by clear standards—that can be combined together to build any number of applications.


Every Basic Brand Visual Ecosystem Package Includes.

Visual Brand Audit

We’ll make sure that we understand your brand by doing a robust visual brand audit across platforms.

Brand System (Colours/Fonts/Logo)

We’ll pull your brand together—the fonts, logos, and colours and systemize it. Not all platforms translate the same way, so we create a system that is easily translatable across platforms.

Brand features (Stickers/Text Effects)

We’ll make a family of stickers and text effects that are customized to your brand for those times when you want something in your brand ecosystem to stand out and feel special.

Brand Photos

We choose a suite of professional images that represent your business visually, and fit with your Brand Visual Ecosystem.

Brand Consistency (Social Headers)

We make sure that your social channels and website look part of the same family so that there is a consistent visual brand identity using elements from the Brand Visual Ecosystem.


We provide a list of recommendations to further leverage the ecosystem from brand strategy to website integrations to logo design.

Asset Package

We’ll bundle up all of your assets and put them in a place where they will be most actionable. Sometimes that’s canva, sometimes that’s your own google drive, but rest assured we’ll have tailored that choice to the ways in which you’re using your tools . We can adjust to anything.

Process and Workflow

Here's how it works. Once we have an agreement in place we are ready to get to work on your brand visual ecosystem. We start with a discovery workshop.

STEP 1: Discovery workshop

We’ll get to know each other so that I can understand your requirements, budgets and timeline.

STEP 2: Visual Research

We’ll make sure that we understand your brand by doing a robust visual audit across platforms.

STEP 3: Customized plan

We will come up with a customized plan that aligns with your goals and budget.

STEP 4: Ecosystem Presentation

We’ll present a first draft of your Brand Visual Ecosystem where you will have a chance to provide feedback.

STEP 5: Integration of Feedback

We’ll integrate your feedback and make the requested changes so that your Brand Visual Ecosystem is perfect.

STEP 6: Ecosystem delivery

And voila here it is your Brand Visual Ecosystem styleguide all bundled with all of your beautiful assets.

How much will this all cost?

This is always the big question and we try to balance between time, quality, and budget and each project is a little different so our costs are a little different too.

Our basic package relies on real human beings doing work made just for you, not a generic template so that takes time. Every brand needs something unique and a little bit custom so we’ve defined the basics that go into creating a Brand Visual Ecosystem and depending on your requirements and budgets can add on to that basic package.

Visual Ecosystem

The Styleguide
This is your foundation.
  • Brand Visual Audit
  • Colours/Fonts/Logos
  • 5 Branded Stickers
  • 5 Branded Text Effects
  • Icon Family
  • 2 Social Platform Headers
  • Final Brand PDF and Assets

Brand Integrations

The foundation of your visual brand identity.
Add to the system in a myriad of ways.
  • Brand Strategy (Partners Forge and Spark)
  • Integrate ecosystem brand to website
  • Website Design
  • Website UI/UX rebrand
  • Website Development
  • E-Commerce / Shopify
  • Socials Integration and Implementation

Custom Templates

The foundation of your visual brand identity.
Create templates for your team.
  • Custom Canva Templates
  • Google Drive/Doc Templates
  • Google Slide Templates
  • Powerpoint Templates
  • Keynote Templates
  • Video Templates
  • Newsletter Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a visual ecosystem different from a brandbook?
Put simply, a brand book is an outline of your brand’s mission, image and core values. A brand visual ecosystem goes a step further to practically make sure your brand looks like like part of the same  family across platforms.

Can you develop the integrations?

Yes! We build most things in house. If my team can’t build it, I know where to find people who can. I’ve spent 20 years building relationships as a web developer. I know what’s needed with any add-on.

Is this a business or social strategy?

This is a visual strategy however, I work as a creative director with an amazing partner—Forge and Spark. If you need the full meal deal of strategy and content production, they are your people.  www.forgeandspark.com

Do you do the writing?

Writing content is the #1 roadblock to finishing anything. I make sure your strategy is edited for the needs of the platform and I work with some AMAZING people that can write in different styles.

Is this a redesign of my brand?

Most people already have a brand. This is not a redesign. It is a place to refresh, unify, and streamline all your brand assets so they look the same. If you don’t have a brand, we ‘ll create a foundational system for your business assets.

Why Integration Options?

Everyone’s budgets and needs are different. The Brand Visual Ecosystem styleguide works as the foundation of your system—colours, fonts, and logos and is always the first thing your brand needs. All add-ons come after that and grows your ecosystem.